The latest technology in tracking device.

S W I F T R A C K - P R O

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What is Swiftrack-pro in a nut shell? The latest system that was created by the engineers in the USA that it's able to track anything you need any location in the world at any time, no Battery needed and so conveniently can be operated from the palm of your hand with the help of your own personal Smart Phone. What do you need to operate one ? Frist. The app itself that you can download for free from the app store. Second. To Purchase the Chip that you can get one from selected local stores in your city. Third. Pairing the app on your smart phone with the chip. Now you are ready to use the Swiftrack-pro . For more information please contact our local partner.

Apakah Swiftrack- Pro itu? Secara garis besarnya adalah Tracking sistem yang diciptakan oleh para Insinyur di Amerika Serikat yang App nya dapat bekerja sama dengan Satelit di luar angkasa untuk mendeteksi lokasi dimanapun yang anda inginkan (Indonesia atau Negara lain) pada setiap saat hanya dengan menggunakan Smart Phone anda. Bagaimana caranya ? Pertama. App nya dapat anda download dengan gratis dari Website kami. Kedua Membeli Chip nya dapat anda beli dari toko buku GRAMEDIA yang tersedia di kota anda. Ketiga. Mensinkronisasikan smart phone anda dan chip yang anda peroleh. Keempat. Siap pakai. Mohon hubungi kami jika ada pertanyaan.

What's New?

- Reduced Size of map from 10 GB to 1 GB

- Optimized for Android 3.0 - 8.0

- Reduced memory usage for faster performance

- Added feature to detect when tracker has moved from original location

- Added "Day" and "Night" modes. A lighter version is suitsble for daytime viewing and darker black version for night time

- Faster start up time

- Google Maps API

- Designed to work with Ariasmartdrone

Tracking Usage

So what are the usage? For Tracking: company fleets, Taxi, Bus, Motorbike, Boat, Train, Airplane, Packages. When love's one traveling overseas , Haj Pilgrimage or Hiking, Mountain climbing etc. The Chip is small enough that you can hide it any where. Perfect for shipping company to control the shipment or packages. To track your personal vehicle , Motorcycle, Bike, Luggage at the airport etc.

Mengontrol Mulai dari mobil anda, motor, sepeda,Maskapai penerbangan , Perusahaan Taxi,Bus, Truck atau pengiriman barang atau barang berharga lainnya.Pada waktu keluarga anda bepergian di dalam atau di luar negeri. Mengantisipasi agar koper anda dapat dilacak jika hilang di airport. Pada waktu anak anak pergi camping atau hiking, memancing di laut, Jika Naik Haji agar keluarga dapat mamantau setiap saat.


- No batteries required

- 5m location accuracy

- GPS data with tracking history

- Low-energy usage

- Offline map caching

- 3D interactive map

- Google Maps API

- Small, discrete and lightweight

- Usable anywhere, even underwater up to 700m

- Operating temperatures (-10F to 210F)

- Track globally


Swiftrack-Pro it's so affordable compare to the benefit that you receive. It is so useful for your business and family. To get more information or to get more advise how can you utilize Swiftract-Pro for your business please contact us directly or our Partner in your city.

Harga Swiftrack -Pro sangat terjangkau jika dibandingkan dengan manfaat penggunaannya dan pemakaiannya sangat mudah, jika anda memerlukan informasi lebih lanjut silahkan hubungi Perwakilan kami di kota anda.


- Chip tidak memerlukan baterei

- Jarak akurasi 5 meter

- Daftar penggunaan GPS data

- Menggunakan energy yang minim

- Menggunakan Offline map caching

- Menggunakan 3D interactive map

- Menggunakan Google Maps API

- Micro chip lebih kecil dari sebutir beras

- Dapat di diteksi dimana saja di udara ketinggian 40,000 kaki sampai 700m dibawah air

- Betahan di temperatur(-10F to 210F)

- App dapat mendeteksi dimana saja seluruh dunia.