The latest technology in tracking device.

S W I F T R A C K - P R O

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What is Swiftrack-pro in a nut shell? The latest "Tracking system" that was created by the engineers in the USA. It help you to keep track everything that commonly missed place or lost because our mistake or someone else. Swiftrack-pro is able to track the target at any location (all tracking info are connected or relay in to 20 satelites), at any given time (24/7) with no Battery ever needed.

Also so conveniently can be operated (view) from the palm of your hand with the help of your personal Smart Phone (Android).

(Please contact us for commercial use)


What do you need to use Swiftrack-pro ?

1.To download the app (FREE) from Google app store.

2.To Purchase the target that you can get one from selected local stores in your city. (You may contact us for info)

3.Pairing the app on your smart phone with the target.

4.After the app on your phone paired with the target Now you are ready to use the Swiftrack-pro .

What's New?

- Reduced Size of map from 10 GB to 1 GB

- Optimized for Android 7.0 - 8.0

- Reduced memory usage for faster performance

- Added feature to detect when tracker has moved from original location

- Added "Day" and "Night" modes. A lighter version is suitsble for daytime viewing and darker black version for night time

- Faster start up time

- Google Maps API

- Designed to work with Ariasmartdrone

Swiftrack- Pro Usage

To keep track the following : Car keys, wallet, purse, bicycle, Luggage at the airport etc. Conviniently for you to take it when traveling overseas , Hiking, Mountain climbing, boating etc. The Swiftrack-pro is small enough that you can hide it any where. For more info please contact us info@swiftrackpro.com


- No batteries required

- 5m location accuracy

- GPS data with tracking history

- Low-energy usage

- Offline map caching

- 3D interactive map

- Google Maps API

- Small, discrete and lightweight

- Usable anywhere, even underwater up to 700m

- Operating temperatures (-10F to 210F)

- Track globally